Security Designed for IoT.

Work with us to have the right solution to your IoT security needs.

IoT End-to-End Encryption

Rely on our client library and platform to protect your data with no performance hit

Maximize performance: Compared to legacy solutions, we minimize resources usage thanks to meticulous designs choices. This translates into increased speed and longer device battery life.

Dynamic key server: The biggest problem when deploying encryption at scale is key management. We solve it thanks to a simple interface to manage and distribute keys in an automated fashion.

Meet compliance and data control standards: Use any cloud or third-party servers without having to worry about data security, since your data is protected end-to-end.

Optimized for MQTT, our solution is compatible with the IoT platforms of AWS, Azure, Google, and IBM, and can be adapted to other protocols on demand.




Teserakt AG was founded in September 2018 in Lausanne, Switzerland. Our customers are in diverse industries, and from several European countries. Our team combines expertise in industrial cryptography, embedded systems security, and large-scale production servers. We designed algorithms and software now used in the Linux kernel, Apple devices, and Google systems.



  • JP Aumasson, Managing director, Founder – Cryptographer, EPFL PhD – Lausanne, CH
  • Antony Vennard, Chief engineer – Embedded security specialist – Lausanne, CH
  • Flavien Binet – Senior engineer – Back-end engineering specialist – Luxembourg
  • Emmanuel Odeke, Technical advisor – Cloud systems expert – Palo Alto, CA, USA